Company History

The company was established in 1912 by John J. Volante I.  The original company served the neighborhoods along the Ohio River by providing fruits and vegetables
door to door. As the company continued to grow, we began to service stores, restaurants, and the barges that delivered coal and other material along the different ports of the river.

The legacy continued by young Anthony J. Volante, due to his fathers early illness with cancer.  Young Anthony, affectionately known as "Tony", was very aggressive and provided produce service to many restaurants and institutions, eventually opening three stores in the Pittsburgh area.

Tony was a true innovator in the produce industry. He was the first to process vegetables in the Pittsburgh area. One of his early endeavors in this area was by designing equipment for the purposes of shredding red cabbage for coleslaw. This product was distributed for a chain of restaurants located on the Pennsylvania turnpike. Tony was referred, by his peers, as an icon of the Pittsburgh produce industry. We mourn his passing on
February 29, 2008. 

The company continues with its long proud heritage of serving the freshest fruits and vegetables from all over the world. Anthony's Original continues to boast of having the cleanest facility in the Pittsburgh area, and we have an open door policy for all visitors. Our facilities have been the site of many educational seminars on produce specification, care, and quality.

Anthony's Original Produce respresents three generations serving quality, fresh produce to our customers. Rose, John, Biff and Anthony Jr., continue in their family
business and are ready to assist you with your produce needs.

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