APPLES  Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Rome,Granny Smith, MacIntosh, Gala
 AVOCADOES 40 ct., 60 ct.
 BANANAS  Baby, Red, Petites, Plaintains
 FIGS  Black, White, Turkey
 GRAPEFRUIT  Ruby Red, White, Pink
 GRAPES  Red, White, Black, Champagne, Globe
 KIWI  36 ct., 48ct.
 LEMONS  95 ct., 115 ct., 140 ct., 165 ct., loose
 LIMES  40#, 54 ct.,  Keylimes
 MANGOS  10 ct.
MELONS   Galla, Casaba, Cranshaw, Persian, Orange Flesh, Santa Claus, Canary
 ORANGES  56, 72, 88, 113, bags, Blood Oranges, Clementines, Tangelos, Tangerines
 PAPAYAS  8 ct.
 PEACHES  Volume, Layer Pack
 PEARS  Bosc, Danjou, Bartletts, Packams, Sickles, Red Bartletts, Asian
 PINEAPPLES  Hawaiian Gold, 6 ct.
 PLUMS  44 ct.
 RASPBERRIES  Black, Red, Gold

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