Anthony's Original Produce offers a wide variety of both
cultivated and wild mushrooms. We pride ourselves in bringing you the highest quality mushrooms available in the market.

Please refer to the following chart for the different varieties
that we can provide for you. 

"Click" each picture for more detail about 
each individual type of mushrooms.

Oystoystermusher Mushroom
A delicately mild mushroom that is light in gray or brown in color.

Oyster mushrooms can be utilized in many ways including; grilling, frying, and raw in salads.

                                 We carry a 3# or 5# box depending on availability.

Shiitake Mushroom

Shitake mushrooms are a great inexpensive exotic mushroom to add to any menu.  Their distinct flavor works well with many dishes from soups to a red meat accompliment. Shitakes are full of antioxidants and fiber.

                                                             We carry a 3# box.

       Portabella Mushroom


Portabella mushrooms are popular exotic mushroom.   
We carry Portabellas in many varieties large, extra large and caps.

      Cremini Mushrooms


Cremini mushrooms are also known as brown mushrooms.  These mushrooms are versatile for enhancing any recipe.  

We carry a 3# box.



Black Trumpet, Hedgehog, Yellowfoot, Porcini, Lobsters, Matsutake, Golden Chanterelle, Shimeji, Forest Nameko, Velvet Pioppini


White, Button, Medium, Large, Regular sliced, Thin sliced, Enoki

Many of the varieties are available year round, but please contact our office and our knowledgable sales team can assist you with availabilty.

(412) 264-5885


Our friendly staff is always willing to serve you!  We're only a phone call away at (412) 264-5885.

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